“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were, but without it we go nowhere.” ~ Carl Sagan

You may have guessed from the above quote that I am a great believer in the unlimited power and boundless breadth of imagination. I most assuredly agree with the late Carl Sagan; imagination can take you anywhere.

For many, like myself, we were first introduced to the power of imagination from reading books or perhaps having books read to us as toddlers.

sparkly book    From fairy tales to Nancy Drew mysteries, suspenseful thrillers, romantic fiction, or epic fantasy adventures, books were my escape as a child. They remain so for me as an adult.  Even better, books ignited my imagination at an early age and developed within me a desire to create stories to share with others.

Through writing, I have traveled through time to other places, creating characters and plots that not only engage readers but bring them into the pages of my books, where together we share the struggles and hopes of characters we come to know and love, and to experience their world of mystery, suspense, fantasy, or adventure.

As I begin 2018, I am opening a new door through which I hope to share all the realms of my writer’s imagination, from travels to different time periods of history to travel beyond the stars. Although I will continue to write historical romances that have strong mystery, suspense, paranormal, or fantasy elements,  I have long felt myself drawn to literary fiction, in particular the realm of epic adventure and fantasy.

In addition, my independent production company, Ashkath Productions Ltd., will  develop (for stage and film) some of my already published works — as well as new projects.

Please know how much I appreciate the support and mail I have received from my dear readers all over the world.  Do not think I have forgotten or forsaken you. Let me just say that although I am often lost in the world of imagination, (plotting, writing, and/or researching projects), the reality of life and concerns of health and family do interfere from time to time.


Just know, your patience and loyalty will soon be rewarded.  Like the beautiful blue door above, my world of books will open and (hopefully) beckon you forward. I hope you will accompany me on one (or all) of the adventures within.

Until then, I wish you great health, happiness, and joy in 2018.   ~  AKB