Each year since September 11, 2001, there is an undeniable quiet air of reverence combined with somber loss that prompts the people of the United States to pause and remember the events of that day.


September 11th is a day when the Nation remembers not only the evil that attacked America, but where we were and the realization that life as we once knew it would never be the same.

It is a day to remember the lives stolen from us, as well as the men, women and amazing rescue dogs who searched for victims and survivors. A day when we realized the gut-wrenching bravery of those on a plane who desperately tried to thwart that evil. A day when the last phone calls and messages from those trapped in towers or on doomed planes still haunt us. It is also a day when we remember how ALL of America stood together, supported one another, forgot political parties, political agendas, color, religion, or gender, and vowed to NEVER allow such evil to happen again. Yet as we all realize now, fighting an evil of this magnitude that is spreading its cancer throughout the world, is not easy.

It creeps into our daily lives in ways we may not even realize. And each year on 9-11, we are all pulled back to the day of tragedy. We UNITE to hear the memorial bells toll and the names of the dead, and we tell ourselves to NEVER FORGET.

But why must we wait for the yearly anniversary of 9-11 to UNITE?

Better we remember that working together, being United, being respectful of one another and finding a common ground to protect and preserve our Nation, its Constitution, and its values should NOT touch our hearts just one day each year. Neither should our kindness and compassion for one another only resurface when natural disasters strike.

Being ONE NATION under God should be a constant flame in our hearts. I, therefore, propose the best way to Remember 9-11 and to honor those who died, is to BE the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA EVERYDAY.

To NOT allow anyone to incite hate, violence, or division, whether they be in our Nation’s capital, the workplace, the Entertainment industry, or our Schools. Stop judging. Stop inciting division. Find a way to talk to one another with respect. To listen to one another. To learn from one another. Resolve to work together and remember that no matter our differences as individuals, we are the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. If we don’t, if we disrespect, disconnect, ridicule, and tear apart the inherent fabric of what unites us, what have we learned from 9-11?

Remember who you are. Remember who we are.  Unite.

9-11 night