sparkly book  “Where can I buy Ashley Kath-Bilsky’s books?”

The print version of all AKB titles are available through any bookseller.  If they do not have it on the shelf, they can order the book for you. Better yet, ask them to carry Ashley Kath-Bilsky’s books. Also, you can always purchase the print version of any AKB title by visiting Ashley’s store page at

Both the print version and EPUB version of all AKB books are available at Amazon locations worldwide. Ashley has an Author Page with a complete listing of her books at the following Amazon locations:,,, and .

The EPUB version of AKB books are available for Kindle, and Nook readers. At this time, AKB books are not listed on iBooks.  However, you can download the free Kindle app on your Apple device, then purchase the book from Amazon with it delivered to your iPad or phone device. For your convenience, the logo for EPUB formats is provided within each book’s description below. A direct link will take you to that book’s EPUB listing.


Between the Shadows #31 Final Front Cover  “DESTINED TO BE A LITERARY CLASSIC!”

Available in the following EPUB formats ($3.99). Click on the logo you want to be directed to the buy link for that EPUB version.

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BETWEEN THE SHADOWS is a Historical Paranormal Thriller set in 1813 England and Scotland.  A stand-alone novel, BETWEEN THE SHADOWS is the first book in the new, spellbinding LEGION OF MITHRAS series.

BETWEEN THE SHADOWS introduces Patience Sinclair, a 19-year old Scotswoman whose escapes imprisonment by her family only to realize her paranormal abilities are just the beginning of her powers. Struggling to remain free and live without drawing attention to herself, she soon finds herself caught in a web of intrigue and is asked to join a secret group of young, powerful English lords to conquer evil in Regency England.

THE LEGION OF MITHRAS also introduces the other members of the Legion, and the extraordinary powers they each possess. Follow the Legion and its remarkable heroine, Patience Sinclair, (the first female member of this covert government group), on a challenging. often terrifying journey to not only embrace that which sets her apart from others, but understanding destiny means facing your greatest fears to help others.

Genre: Historical Paranormal Thriller, Historical Literary Fiction;

Age Range: 15 to Adult.

NOTE: The beautiful illustrated print version of BETWEEN THE SHADOWS [list price: $12.50] is also available directly from’s online store at: BETWEEN THE SHADOWS: THE LEGION OF MITHRAS [Illustrated Print Version].

The_Sense_of_Honor_1_copy (1)AN INTERNATIONAL BEST-SELLER!   Amazon Best Selling


CHRISTIANA TATUM will do anything to protect the people she loves from certain death. Yet when a handsome stranger comes to Bellewyck Abbey, she finds herself trapped in a web of deception, and falling in love with a man who could destroy everything she has struggled to save.

DAVID ‘DEVLIN’ GRAYSON, the Duke of Pemberton, learns rumors of treachery and an even darker, more sinister secret exist revolve around the servants at Bellewyck Abbey — the estate he just inherited in Kent. Determined to investigate the matter personally, he goes to Bellewyck Abbey in disguise. As Devlin probes into sinister shadows and guarded secrets, he soon finds himself questioning the very foundations of his beliefs, and falling in love with a woman who thwarts him at every turn and steals his heart. Will he be able to win her trust and save her from a sense of honor that guides her dangerous actions or end in someone’s death?

Set in Regency, England, THE SENSE OF HONOR is the critically acclaimed multi award winning debut novel by Ashley Kath-Bilsky.  When the illustrated Special Edition of the novel was released by the author, it became an international best seller.  Available in Print and Kindle format at

Genre: Historical Regency Romance with Mystery/Suspense (Sensuous)

Age Range: 17 to Adult.

Available in the following EPUB formats ($3.99). Click on the logo you want to be directed to the buy link for that EPUB version.

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NOTE: The illustrated print version of THE SENSE OF HONOR [list price: $11.99]  is also available directly from Amazon’s online store at:  THE SENSE OF HONOR ‘SPECIAL EDITION’ [Illustrated Print Version] .

Whisper in the Wind - Best-Selling Time Travel Romance by Ashley Kath-Bilsky


While attending a Pioneer Day Celebration in Fort Worth, 21st century MOLLY MAGEE is suddenly swept back to the real Old West — complete with gunslingers, high stakes gamblers, Victorian ideology toward women, and a nosy Pinkerton detective. As she tries to understand what happened to her and find a way home, danger waits at every turn. Survival is a daily challenge, but it’s a hundred times worse when a persistent Pinkerton detective keeps asking questions she cannot answer. Molly soon realizes the biggest threat she faces is the one a handsome Pinkerton poses to her heart.

JORDAN BLAKE has lost everyone he’s ever loved. As a Texas Ranger turned Pinkerton detective, Jordan has become a cynic about people and justice. Ready to walk away from a career that has lost meaning, he never knew a prayer whispered in the wind would bring him a love he’d never hoped to find.

From the open splendor of 1885 Texas to dark decadence and murder in New Orleans, Molly and Jordan learn that when fate takes a hand, finding the love of your life is just a matter of . . .Time.

WHISPER IN THE WIND was nominated as Best Paranormal by the RONE Awards.  This historical paranormal romance is the first in the Windswept Texas Trilogy.  Now available in Print, Kindle, and other digital formats. To purchase in print or Kindle format at Amazon, click on book cover photo.

Genre: Historical Paranormal Romance, Historical Western Romance with Time Travel Element (Sensuous)

Age Range: 17 to Adult.

Available in the following EPUB formats ($2.99). Click on the logo you want to be directed to the buy link for that EPUB version.

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NOTE:  The illustrated print version of WHISPER IN THE WIND [list price: $12.99] is also available directly from Amazon’s online store: WHISPER IN THE WIND [Illustrated Print Version].