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Dear Readers,

I am delighted to announce BETWEEN THE SHADOWS (THE LEGION OF MITHRAS)  is now available in print and e-book (Kindle) format. Availability in Nook e-book formats is also available.

BETWEEN THE SHADOWS is a stand-alone novel, and the first book in THE LEGION OF MITHRAS series. Readers of my romance novels should be aware this is not a sensuous or formula romance with a final HEA.  This is a continuing series, intended to keep the reader spellbound and engaged as to what happens next and how the characters move forward toward a final resolution.  There is, however, a romance element introduced in BETWEEN THE SHADOWS that will become more prominent as the series progresses. Having said that, this book is not Historical Romance, but Historical Fiction with gothic mystery/suspense/thriller,  paranormal/supernatural, and romance elements.

I am super excited about this book, and cannot wait to hear what you think about it.  A great deal of research went into the book, and I even included a glossary at the back of the book which addresses characters, places, events, and some Scots-Gaelic terms.

But, let’s delve deeper into what BETWEEN THE SHADOWS is about? And what is THE LEGION OF MITHRAS?

secret passageway - The Sense of Honor - AKB  BETWEEN THE SHADOWS is a haunting historical paranormal mystery/suspense/thriller set in 1813 England and Scotland.  What can I say except I love plots that keep you guessing and in suspense.  Original plots that offer both dark and light moments, and an unforgettable journey for the reader.  As a writer, I personally feel that incorporating all these exciting sub-genres into this series will offer something unique, exciting, and unforgettable for readers age 15 to adult.

The Regency period, especially in 1813, was a tumultuous period in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. King George III was mentally ill and unable to fulfill his obligations as monarch. His Royal Highness Prince George Augustus Frederick, was named Prince Regent in 1811. In addition to the ongoing Napoleonic Wars, Britain was also engaged in the War of 1812 with the United States of America. So, what better time to add another threat into the mix? And introduce a remarkable heroine who begins a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and often terrifying challenges that can change her world.

Thus, when an ancient evil rises to threaten the world of the living and the realm of the dead, 19-year old Patience Sinclair is recruited by a covert group of young, extraordinary English lords, known as The Legion of Mithras, to help save mankind.

Patience Sinclair has lost everything—her family, her freedom, and the young man she loves. Yet three years of exile in the highlands of Scotland has made her more determined than ever to prove she deserves to be free. The time has come to embrace what she is, and the gift she has kept hidden from the world.

Hampton Court at night

However, returning to London is not without danger. Each step Patience takes puts her in the terrifying path of a serial killer, and an evil unlike anything she has ever known.

When fate reunites her with Viscount Leighton, Patience discovers there are others with supernatural abilities they have closely guarded. Can she and the Viscount move beyond the pain of their past, learn to trust love, and work together with the mysterious, secret Legion to conquer evil? Or, will darkness win?

You won’t want to miss learning about PATIENCE SINCLAIR and the powerful members of THE LEGION OF MITHRAS. What is the secret they have also hidden for years?  What is the evil that grows and threatens humanity? This book marks the beginning of an extraordinary journey for Patience Sinclair and the Legion members that will not only redefine their existence, but their importance in the future of their country.

THE LEGION OF MITHRAS members are introduced in BETWEEN THE SHADOWS, yet their unique abilities will see them rise to become a unique, secret organization within the British government as the series progresses. Their supernatural abilities and importance can be compared to fictitious covert groups (i.e. X-Men, X-Files) that are called upon to investigate and deal with extraordinary, paranormal or mysterious situations that cannot be resolved through ordinary channels like the military.  And since BETWEEN THE SHADOWS takes place in 1813, when the British government was involved in two wars, clearly, they were not equipped to handle the life-threatening threat revealed in BETWEEN THE SHADOWS.

Another way to reference the secret existence and importance of THE LEGION OF MITHRAS in this series, would be to think of them as a fictitious ancestor to MI-6 (Military Intelligence, Section 6) of the British Government’s Secret Intelligence Services), but with supernatural abilities.

Just remember, BETWEEN THE SHADOWS and THE LEGION OF MITHRAS are ‘fictional’.

Now, doesn’t that sound exciting?

Between the Shadows #31 Final Front Cover  The Kindle version of this book is $3.99.  However, if you purchase the beautiful Print  version of this title for $12.50 at Amazon, you can buy the Kindle version for just .99 cents.

The EPUB version of BETWEEN THE SHADOWS is also available for $3.99 on Nook.

The print version of BETWEEN THE SHADOWS is available for purchase ($12.50) from Amazon Worldwide, and most online and independent booksellers.  If they do not have it in stock, they can get it for you from the distributor. Or, better yet, ask them to carry your local bookstore to carry the series in-house.

Thanks so much for your continued support.  Enjoy the adventure!  ~ AKB

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