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“Clocks slay time; time is dead as if clicked off by little wheels, only when the clock stops does time come to life.” ~ William Faulkner Image

Time is an amazing concept, isn’t it? We chase time. We run away from time. Moments tick by so quickly these days, especially if you have children, there are moments when we wish we had the power to make time stand still. Perhaps what I love about writing historical fiction is that I can make time stand still. Even better, I can transport my readers to another time, another place. And that is what WHISPER IN THE WIND is about.

Earlier this week, I announced on Facebook that my Historical Romantic Time Travel titled WHISPER IN THE WIND had been released in Kindle format. A few hours later, I received notification that it had made the Top 100 Best Seller List for Time Travel in Digital format on Amazon. Of course, the numbers and ranking change moment-to-moment, but to see the response it had already received in such a short time was amazing. And I hope after you’ve read this post, you will want to read WHISPER IN THE WIND, too.

WHISPER IN THE WIND is the first book in the Windswept Texas Romance series. It is the story of Molly Magee, a 21st century young woman and Jordan Blake, a former Texas Ranger and Pinkerton detective from the late 19th century. Yet, as the tag line for this book states, “Sometimes finding the love of your life is often just a matter of…Time.”

Here is the ‘blurb’ or description of the book from the back cover:

When Molly Magee is suddenly swept back in time, she finds herself in the Old West with gunslingers, high stakes gamblers, Victorian ideology toward women, and a Pinkerton detective named Jordan Blake. As she tries to understand what happened to her and find a way home, danger seems to follow her at every turn. Survival is a daily challenge, but it’s a hundred times worse when–to avoid answering questions from a persistent and seductive Pinkerton–she fakes amnesia. She soon realizes the biggest threat of all is the one Jordan Blake poses to her heart.

Jordan Blake has lost everyone he’s ever loved. As a Texas Ranger turned Pinkerton detective, Jordan has become a cynic about people and justice, and is ready to walk away from a life that has lost its meaning. He never knew that a prayer whispered in the wind would bring him an angel of mercy, and a love he’d never hoped to find.

From the open splendor of 1885 Texas to dark decadence and murder in New Orleans, Molly and Jordan learn that when fate takes a hand, finding the love of your life is often just a matter of…Time.

WHISPER IN THE WIND is a sensuous, unforgettable Historical Romance Time Travel. Now available at a special introductory price of $3.99 in digital format for Kindle. The EPUB version is also available on Nook.

With a stunning cover by Ramona Lockwood, beautiful interior illustrations by Elissa Marie, and a compelling, passionate love story that I believe will touch your heart. The print version of WHISPER IN THE WIND is also available at Amazon.com — and can be obtained by any bookseller if they do not have it in stock.

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With a sigh of frustration, Molly marched down the street. Stopping short, she turned to find him close at her heels. “Let me tell you something, Mr. Detective. Just because I had a weak moment this morning doesn’t make me a floozy. You know absolutely nothing about me, so stop assuming you do.”

“Did I say you were a floozy?” he asked in a low voice.

“Well, no.”

“No,” he repeated then shook his head. “I’m trying real hard to understand, Molly. You tell me you’ve lost your memory. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have my doubts about that. I’ll just have to take your word for it. But what I do know is you’re scared. And it would be easier for me to help you, if you told me why.”

Tears blurred Molly’s vision. “Let’s see. I’m in a strange place. I have no family, no home, and no income. It’s probably over a hundred degrees out today, and I feel like I’m wearing thirty pounds of clothing which, by the way, just happens to be twenty years out of date. The sheriff could care less if I live or die. And…well…as grateful as I am that you want to help me, you have a job and, like you said, your next assignment could come anytime. I need to be able to survive on my own and time isn’t on my side. So, yes, Jordan, I’m scared.”

He said nothing, but kindness and concern returned full force to his eyes and proved her undoing.

God, help me, I could fall in love with Jordan Blake all too easily.

The realization hit hard. She’d spent a lifetime dreaming about a man like Jordan Blake—strong, handsome, and solid as an oak. The kind of man you could depend on through thick and thin, loyal and true, compassionate toward those in need and willing to give his last dime if you needed it. He was also sexy as hell.

“Molly, I know what it’s like to be lost and need a friend as if your life depends on it.”

“You do?”

“Let’s just say someone helped me a long time ago.” A faint smile touched his emerald green eyes. “And if it hadn’t been for that person, I wouldn’t be here today.”

“What happened?”

His eye color darkened, as if the memory still haunted him. Perhaps that was what they had in common. Painful, private secrets. Memories of a past that now shadowed their lives.

After a moment more of awkward silence, Jordan gruffly cleared his throat and looked up at the sky. “You’re sure right about this heat. It’s hot as Hades today. Let’s get you a room and some practical clothing. Then, we’ll see about finding you work.”

“I can’t let you do that.”

“I can.” He took hold of her elbow.

She refused to budge. “Jordan, I don’t want to embarrass you but, well, I know why you only had coffee for breakfast this morning. It was because you didn’t have enough money to buy a meal for both of us. Granted, I don’t know what a Pinkerton earns, but it can’t be that much. You’ve got expenses of your own. And, on top of everything else, we both know it isn’t proper.”

Seductive warmth shined in his eyes; in fact, they almost twinkled down at her. “Molly, for your information, I drank about two quarts of rotgut whiskey yesterday. Black coffee was just fine with both me and my belly. And as for things not being proper, well, the way I see it—you and I have been nothing but improper with one another from the moment we met.”

“I know, but—”

He put a finger on her lips to silence her. “I’m not some dirt poor cowboy, sugar.” Leaning down he whispered in what sounded like an authentic and very formal British accent. “Indeed, my dear Miss Magee, I am exceedingly wealthy.”

She frowned. “What happened to your Texas drawl?”

A slow grin curved his lips, the deep dimple on his left cheek more pronounced than ever.

“Does that mean you’re not going to tell me?”

The mischievous way he looked at her made her stomach flip-flop. For a moment she thought he might even kiss her. Instead, he leaned forward and whispered against her ear. “I’ll tell you my past when you tell me yours.”


Thanks for stopping by, everyone. And I hope you’ll take the time to check out WHISPER IN THE WIND today. ~ AKB